Add your voice to Fund Our Future.

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Decisions will be made in the statehouse this spring that will affect our schools and our students for years to come. We need to make sure that educators, students, parents, child service workers and other stakeholders are exercising and amplifying our voices so that we can win a fair state budget and a school funding formula that provides our schools with the resources we need.

Here’s how you can add your voice:

If you have 2 minutes:
  • Take a photo with a sign that says “Fund Our Future” (You can make your own or download one here.)
  • Then post to social media with a status that says something like: “We need Gov. DeWine & the Ohio legislature to #FundOurFuture because our students deserve _________________.
  • Fill in the blank with a list of things that your students need, ex.: smaller class sizes, access to technology, arts and music education, wraparound services, better staffing, more librarians, more nurses, more counselors; or for higher education: affordable tuition, less student debt, smaller classes, more faculty, etc.
If you have 5 minutes:
  • Do the above, but instead of a photo, record and upload a 1 – 2 minute video where you tell viewers what Fund Our Future would be mean in your school district or classroom.
  • In the video, briefly introduce yourself by stating your name, district, local name, and job title. See the sample video script below.
If you have 15 minutes:
  • Gather some of your co-workers together and record a video together, or take group photos together. Be sure to hold up a #FundOurFuture sign and post about the specific needs in your school district or workplace.
If you have more time:
  • Draft a Letter to the Editor for your local newspaper.
  • Contact OFT Communications Director Neil Bhaerman and let him know that you want to be a #FundOurFuture social media activist, email:

Sample video script:

“My name is Kim and I am a 4th grade teacher at Sunnyside Elementary in Columbia, Ohio. For the last three years we have not had a full-time counselor at our school. The social and emotional needs of students in our school have increased, while we simultaneously offer fewer counseling services. When my students have social/emotional needs, I naturally tend to them. However, at times this interferes with my ability to provide the high-quality instruction that all my students deserve. A full-time counselor would help tremendously, and ultimately it’s what my students deserve. We need to Fund Our Future.

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