State budget kills PARCC, state shifts testing contract to AIR

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PARCC is dead in Ohio. The budget eliminated funding for the use of PARCC, but appropriated funds for another statewide test. Without consultation with the Ohio Board of Education or stakeholders, State Superintendent Richard Ross announced shortly after the budget was approved that the state will buy its standardized testing from AIR.

OFT members influenced several other improvements in the way Ohio does standardized testing through their participation in the Senate Advisory Committee on Testing. OFT members participated in creating successful recommendations to reduce the length of tests, to administer state assessments in the second half of the school year nearer the end of the school year (except for end-of-course exams for classes ending in the first semester), and to require tests results be available to teachers by July so they can be useful in shifting instruction, if necessary. A safe harbor also was created to prevent the use of test results for any reason (including evaluations, grade cards and employment) for two years. Test results from the 2016-2017 school year can be used as part of evaluations for the 2017-2018 school year.

OFT appreciates the work of members who served on the committee. We also appreciate the legislators who heard these recommendations and included the changes in the budget.

See additional detail about items of interest to OFT members in the state budget.