Professional Development, Professional Issues, and Resources – April 16th Update

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Professional Development

Ohio ASCD Spring Conference

Ohio ASCD's  upcoming spring conference is scheduled for May 2, 2019, at Xenos. The conference theme, “What Works — Examining Tools, Resources, and Supports,” will focus on a variety of strategies and programs that are successfully addressing the SEL needs of Ohio students. OFT is a supporter of the Ohio ASCD.  We are working together to provide supports and professional development to our mutual members throughout the state.

Dr. Antoinette Miranda, Professor of the School Psychology Program at The Ohio State University, member of the State Board of Education will be the keynote speaker and talk about “SEL Programs in Schools — Increasing Academic Achievement and Developing Well-Rounded Students.”

Participants will choose from a variety of sessions presented by teachers, administrators and mental health professionals who are currently working throughout Ohio addressing the SEL needs of students and their families. Topics will include:

  • Thriving Learning Communities: Transform Your School Culture for Student Success
  • SELLA: Social Emotional Learning/ Language Arts Curriculum (K-6)
  • Responsive Classroom and SEL
  • Rise Sister Rise - Black Girls in Urban Settings, Building Resiliency
  • Bibliotherapy by the Campfire: Using Texts to Heal
  • Empowering Students with Self-Advocacy Plans
  • Updates on the Northland High School SEL Pilot

To register for this conference click here.

Opportunity to Attend AFT Webinar

Join us for an AFT-hosted professional development webinar.

Breaking the Myths of International Comparisons
Wednesday, April 24, at 4 p.m. EDT

Have education research data ever seemed to be inapplicable or even incomprehensible? This webinar provides participants with a straightforward assessment of the complex international comparisons we often run into, making them more digestible by connecting them to real-life stories from educators worldwide. Join us to learn the difference between fact and fiction as we conduct a deep dive into U.S. education and the international comparisons that drive our policy decisions. Register now.

Professional Issues

ODE is seeking districts to pilot 2019-2020 revised draft OTES

Recent Ohio law brought about changes to the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES). The Ohio Department of Education plans an OTES pilot to gather feedback on the draft revisions to the OTES process. The 2019-2020 pilot based on the revised draft OTES now is open to all districts and community schools that want to take part.

Districts and community schools that want to participate must submit completed Intent to Participate forms by June 1st. These participating schools must bring small teams to three regional trainings throughout the 2019-2020 school year. Evaluators and teachers will use the components and forms associated with the revised draft OTES to inform possible changes to the OTES model, as well as help shape training for the 2020-2021 implementation. 

2019 OPEPP (Ohio Partnership for Excellence in Paraprofessional Preparation)  Academy on Identifying Unwanted Behaviors, Implementing Successful Interventions, and Providing Equitable Learning Opportunities

As our teachers continue to struggle with behavior issues at the same time as making sure to advance student learning, we continually look for supports in this area.  The OPEPP Academy offers a chance for professional development in this area.

  • June 3, 2019        
  • 10:00 am–3:00 pm (9:30 am sign-in) 
  • The Conference Center at OCLC (Lakeside Room) 
  • 6600 Kilgour Place, Dublin, OH 43017 2019 

University of Cincinnati Systems Development & Improvement Center Facilitator: Dr. Melinda Wolford PhD, NCSP 

We are designed to be social individuals who learn from each other through observation and imitation. While it is difficult enough for “typical” children to learn appropriate behaviors, children with additional needs have even more obstacles to overcome. Understanding the origin of unwanted behaviors is paramount in knowing how to address and change them. This session is designed to provide all educators –particularly teachers and paraprofessionals – with a better understanding of how behavior serves as communication, how successful interventions can be used, and the role of teachers and paraprofessionals in addressing behavior with a goal of improving student outcomes. 

Register online by May 24, 2019: 2019 OPEPP Spring Academy

Professional Conduct News

Tip Sheet Number 8 - Classroom Management and Etiquette

The latest Professional Conduct Tip Sheet is available.  Tip sheet number 8, Classroom Management and Etiquette, provides direction to educators working directly with students in the classroom. 

Click here for previous tip sheets.

Second Round of Public Comment - Licensure Code of Professional Conduct (Ed Issues Time sensitive)

The Ohio Department of Education has continued working with the Educator Standards Board to revise and update the Licensure Code of Professional Conduct for Ohio Educators. From February 13, to March 12, 2019, the Department collected public feedback regarding the first draft. The feedback was taken to the Educator Standards Board and after discussing it, made recommended changes.  The Department has now posted the most recent draft of the Licensure Code for review and is collecting public comment from March 27, 2019 to April 24, 2019. A copy of this draft can be found on the Educator Conduct page of the Department’s website or by clicking here. After reviewing the draft, you can provide your feedback by completing a quick survey here. Please review and enter your feedback so your voice is heard.


Resources from Share My Lesson 

Mathematics and Financial Literacy

Problem-based learning is where it's at. This curated collection of real-world math lessons and financial literacy activities are sure to help preK-12 students learn concepts tied to patterns and graphing, as well as financial aid, budgeting and statistics. For related resources, follow Next Gen Personal Finance and the Wisewire.

Colorín Colorado
Check out these invaluable resources from Colorín Colorado, a bilingual site for educators and families of English language learners:

Celebrate Science

Are you celebrating Earth Day this coming April 22? This holiday is a great opportunity to celebrate all areas of science. This curated collection has some of Share My Lesson's most popular lesson plans and resources to spark excitement across the sciences, including weather and space. For related resources, follow MIT BLOSSOMS and the NBC Learn.

Climate Change

If your students are interested in learning more about climate change, start with our curated collection. You'll find a variety of educational resources, including case studies and examples of evidence and impacts, as well as solutions, and why healthy oceans help maintain a healthy planet. For more resources, follow the National Science Foundation and the Science Over Everything on SML.

New Professional Learning Resources from OLAC

Leadership is a shared responsibility no matter what role you play in education. The Ohio Leadership Advisory Council has free resources to help you become a more effective leader. Check out the newest resources on coaching, gifted education, and instructional leadership, as well as teaching cases and the updated educator evaluation crosswalk.

OLAC also recently released two new episodes of its Lead the Way podcast. Episodes 4 and 5 focus on Courage and Educational Leadership and feature author, Cathy Lassiter. Listen now.

New from Ohio Core Advocates

Throughout this year, Core Advocates has been spotlighting Open Education Resources (OER) that are organized on the “one stop shop” landing pages. Remember, the definition of Open Education Resources is high quality, vetted resources that are available at no cost to the user.  This may be because the developer is sharing content under Creative Commons Licensing or because an organization or grant is covering the cost of development and/or licenses.  

The latest resource that has been uncovered Is the World Book Timeline Sets. They are found on all of the grade band pages.  The existing timelines organize key details and information, including pictures and maps chronologically. Timelines are grouped by topic across all subject areas. The tool allows students to add their own content to existing timelines. Better yet, the timeline tool lets students create their own timelines using World Book maps, videos or images, or by importing their own media. This would be a good way to help students begin to plan an informational or argumentative piece of writing. Using a timeline framework to think about the order of key events, points of view from multiple stakeholders, progressions of policies or laws etc. could be an initial strategy for organizing their writing. Check out the History of Education timeline!

Spotlight Resources:

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