Professional Development, Professional Issues, and Resources – May 9th Update

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Professional Development

AFT Professional Learning Webinar to Focus on Word Consciousness  

Making Words Come Alive in Your Classroom                          
Tuesday, May 28, at 6 p.m. EDT

Fostering word consciousness is the responsibility of all educators. Word consciousness, a necessary component of vocabulary development, is the way we engage with, think about, and get excited about words. Learn how to create a word-rich environment that will help your students deepen their understanding and develop a vast vocabulary. This webinar is appropriate for teachers at all grade levels and includes specific connections for content-area educators. There is immense power in “owning” lots of words, so join us to learn how to easily integrate exciting and motivational word activities into your instruction. Register now.

Access OLAC's New Case Study/Teaching Cases Professional Development

These three Ohio Leadership Academy Council teaching cases offer a resource to help educator candidates and practicing educators learn about educational improvement strategies. Because they are grounded in rigorous case-study research, the teaching cases detail actual improvement challenges and improvement initiatives.

Each teaching case describes the district's context, performance record, and improvement trajectory. It poses questions to readers (either individuals or teams) to help them process what they are reading and think about how it applies to their own circumstances.

Teaching cases give participants opportunities for active exploration, teamwork, and open-ended consideration of ideas. Use of teaching cases promotes development of personal competencies in

  • critical thinking,
  • analysis of complex situations,
  • decision-making,
  • dealing with ambiguities, and
  • communication.

Learn more.

Take Advantage of the Ohio ACTE Conference: Connections to Education 

Career Tech administrators and educators won't want to miss the latest CTE-specific legal, legislative, and administrative updates at the 2019 Connections to Education Conference. This is your chance to speak with experts and discuss challenges among peers and other leaders in Ohio's CTE community. Over three days of education, our proposed sessions include:
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Civil Rights
  • Special Education Legal Updates
  • CTDP Report Cards
  • Professional Conduct
  • State Budget & Education Updates
  • CTE Data Collection, Analysis & Usage
  • CTE Funding

Superintendents, instructors, STEM educators, new teachers, counselors, and school board members can't afford to miss the important information provided at the Ohio ACTE 2019 Connections to Education Conference July 29-31 at the Hilton Easton in Columbus.

Ohio ACTE Connections to Education Conference
July 29-13, 2019
Hilton Easton - Columbus, Ohio

Professional Issues

Considering Joining the OTES Pilot?  Here Is A Sample of the Required MOU

June 1st is the deadline for signing the intent form to be part of the OTES Pilot. If your local is considering participating, an MOU is required to memorialize the participation. I have prepared a sample MOU that you can use as is (once you fill in your own details) or modify to suit your needs. I hope this will give you a starting place for creating the MOU required. If you have questions about it, please feel free to contact Deb Tully (; 614-314-7905) who  will be happy to answer any questions.

If you do sign up for the pilot, please let Deb know so she can keep track of OFT locals participating and set up a networking system for those of you involved.


OH|ID to replace SAFE: To Learn more about this new portal read below 

It is important for all teachers to know about the switch ODE is making from SAFE to OHID.  On Monday, May 13, the Ohio Department of Education’s SAFE portal will be integrated with the OH|ID portal from InnovateOhio. Users can familiarize themselves with the new OH|ID portal by reviewing these features and resources.

Resources from Share My Lesson 

Nearly one in five children in the United States show symptoms of a mental health disorder, yet 80 percent of them will not receive treatment. This collection provides tools for proactive measures to help all students, including healthy eating, physical exercise and adequate sleep. It also includes resources for specific conditions that affect many young people as well as adults. For related resources, follow Eco-Healthy Child Care and Random Acts of Kindness Foundation on SML.
It can be a challenge to make the right decision when students misbehave. Julia Thompson lays out seven effective ways to respond that range from using nonverbal, nonintrusive actions such as physically moving closer to a student and making eye contact to giving quiet redirection like "Please open your book and begin working now." Read her post for more ideas. Follow Julia Thompson on Twitter and watch her webinar How to Work Successfully with Defiant Students on SML.