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Fair School Funding

Ohio policymakers must fix the way our state funds public education and ensure every student can attend fully and fairly funded public schools. The Fair Funding Plan will strengthen all our communities, expand opportunities for those who have been excluded, and address the unfair and unconstitutional way our state funds public education.
Petition sponsored by Ohio Organizing Collaborative, Policy Matters Ohio, Ohio Education Association, and Ohio Federation of Teachers.

Add your voice to Fund Our Future.

Decisions will be made in the statehouse this spring that will affect our schools and our students for years to come. We need to make sure that educators, students, parents, child service workers and other stakeholders are exercising and amplifying our voices so that we can win a fair state budget and a school funding formula that provides our schools with the resources we need.

State budget kills PARCC, state shifts testing contract to AIR

PARCC is dead in Ohio. The budget eliminated funding for the use of PARCC, but appropriated funds for another statewide test. OFT members influenced several other improvements in the way Ohio does standardized testing through their participation in the Senate Advisory Committee on Testing.

US Senate passes Employment Non-Discrimination Act

The U.S. Senate Nov. 7 passed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act by a 64-32 vote. ENDA seeks to ban discrimination in the workplace against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people so that workers are judged based on their performance. Learn more.