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Tell Legislators: Our Students Deserve an Honest Education

Every child in Ohio — no matter their color, background, or zip code — deserves access to a quality public education rooted in an honest and comprehensive curriculum. Unfortunately, politicians and media pundits are using scare tactics and outright lies to enact bans that may prevent educators from being able to present honest, unbiased history lessons on important topics like slavery, the civil rights movement, treatment of Indigenous Americans, and the wartime internment of Japanese Americans.
Take action now to oppose House Bills 322 and 327. These bills would put politicians, not teachers, in charge of determining what is taught to Ohio students, and would even ban efforts to improve diversity and equity in Ohio’s public schools.

Winning 2020 for education? There's an app for that!

In partnership with AFTVotes and Outreach Circle, we have developed an action and information center for all your election needs, right on your phone! It has up-to-the-minute voting information, volunteer opportunities, public advocate training, candidate endorsements, and more. All free to OFT members!

Tell Your Senators and Representative: Ohio Needs Emergency Federal Assistance

Ohio is projected to see 714,752 jobs lost by July as a result of COVID-19, and the unemployment rate is expected to be 16.4% percent.
During this period of instability and economic peril, we cannot afford to defund education, healthcare, and vital public services. Join OFT and AFT in calling on your U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators to make investments in our communities and take action to protect workers.
Click on "Start Writing" to contact your federal legislators. 

Tell your Ohio Senator to Protect Public Education

We need the Senate to take action and pass the House version of Senate Bill 89. This legislation has the support of the public education community and would move away from basing voucher eligibility on flawed report cards and toward funding vouchers directly by the state rather than by deducting funding from public schools.

Take Action: Make your voice heard

Make your views known to those in Congress and state legislatures who represent you on the issues that affect working families every day.  Visit the AFT's Take Action page.