Legislative reports - how are laws changing?

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Laws enacted by state Representatives and Senators directly impact the important work we do to serve children across Ohio. To keep members informed about pending legislation that will change how we do our work to meet the varied needs of children, OFT has created legislative reports that track the current status of bills as they move through the Statehouse.

Specific bill information in these reports is updated only when some action occurs on the bill (for example, when a bill is introduced, a hearing is held, or a vote is taken).

The "Week in Review" section of the document provides a narrative that is below the listing of House and Senate bills (please scroll down past the full list of bills until you see the "Week in Review" heading). It is updated every Friday. The date of the "Week in Review" is listed below that heading.

Pick a category to see what's happening with pending legislation that will change the way we help the children we serve, their families and our communities.

Public Education (K-12)

Higher Education

Public Employees

Human rights