OFT supports Windfall Elimination Provision

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S. 1651: Social Security Fairness Act of 2015 introduced by Senator Brown in 2015.

For more than 15 years, OFT has worked to advance on windfall elimination provisions by mobilizing members and partnering with AFT and affiliates nationwide. Since 1986, legislation to end the windfall has been introduced in Congress. We appreciate Senator Brown’s efforts to raise this important issue higher on the congressional priority list.  

Before 1983, people whose primary job was not covered by Social Security had their Social Security benefits calculated as if they were long-term, low-wage workers. They had the advantage of receiving a Social Security benefit representing a higher percentage of their earnings, plus a pension from a job for which they did not pay into Social Security. Congress passed the Windfall Elimination Provision to remove that advantage. 

OFT continues to make this a priority because of its impact on our members.