No on Issue 2: Educators oppose Issue 2 over questionable claims

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The Ohio Federation of Teachers opposes Issue 2 due to seemingly deceptive claims about prescription drug pricing. Vote no on issue 2.

On the fall ballot in Ohio, ads for Issue 2 claims that if approved it would lower prescription drug costs. However, wording of the issue on the ballot says prescription costs could be no higher than what Veterans Administration pays for medications, yet such costs are undisclosed so there is no way to know whether prescriptions would cost any less or possible even cost Ohioans more.

"Issue 2 is draped in ambiguity and uncertainty. It's possible that if Ohio does not defeat Issue 2 the rest of us might actually pay more for prescriptions. That prospect is unacceptable," said OFT President Melissa Cropper. "A national agenda is needed to control drug pricing that could include ideas such as a national ban on advertising of drugs like other countries have done to achieve lower costs."

OFT followed the lead of our sister union, the Ohio Nurses Association, in opposing Issue 2 as well as opposition from dozens of other organization interested in the welfare of Ohio's citizens. For a list of those opposed, visit

Organizations opposing Issue 2 fear it would actually raise the cost of prescriptions. Ballot language states that no public entity is to pay more than the lowest amount paid by the VA system. This is problematic because rebates are not taken into consideration, and therefore in many instances, medications would cost more than what the state is currently negotiating. The VA system does not make contracts public, and they do not intend to make those contracts public, so there is no way to know their cost for medications.

Groups are also worried it would restrict access to medication. The VA system has its own formulary. Therefore, patients would lose access, or pay the top-dollar cost, if their medication is not within the VA formulary.