OFT President Cropper's Statement on SB 376, the Fair School Funding Plan Bill

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November 6, 2020
Contact: Neil Bhaerman
OFT President Cropper's Statement on SB 376, the Fair School Funding Plan Bill
Ohio Federation of Teachers President Melissa Cropper released the following statement about SB 376, the Fair School Funding Plan Bill, which was introduced yesterday by Senator Peggy Lehner and Senator Vernon Sykes.
“Every student in Ohio deserves high quality, adequately-funded public schools in their communities. This is a guarantee in our state constitution that we have failed to meet for decades. We’ve even moved further in the wrong direction, with deductions for private school vouchers draining public school budgets in districts across Ohio. 
SB 376 and it’s companion legislation in the Ohio House (HB 305), represent real movement toward meeting Ohio’s constitutional requirement for an equitable and adequate school funding formula. By removing local deductions for vouchers and charter schools, this legislation would also remove one of the largest pain points for public school budgets. 
We’re eager to see more details as this legislation moves forward, and we’re thankful to Senators Lehner and Sykes for working to ensure we have strong public schools in all Ohio communities.”
The Ohio Federation of Teachers (OFT) is composed of 55 local unions representing 20,000 members who are active and retired public school teachers, charter school teachers, school support staff, higher education faculty and staff, and public employees. OFT works to advance quality education and a voice in the workplace for Ohio’s education professionals. OFT is affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers.