Teacher leaders look forward to working with new state superintendent DeMaria

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State Board of Education today unanimously voted to hire Paolo DeMaria

(May 11, 2016) "We welcome the opportunity to work with Paolo DeMaria as the new state superintendent of public instruction," said Ohio Federation of Teachers President Melissa Cropper. "I know from conversations with our members across the state that several deep underlying problems impacting public education need to be addressed. Problems that need immediate attention include the increased needs children bring to the classroom because of poverty, and low teacher morale resulting in a decrease in the number of people entering the profession."

"We look forward to working with DeMaria on developing a state ESSA plan that addresses these issues and sets a new vision for public education in Ohio," Cropper said.

ESSA, the federal Every Student Succeeds Act that replaced the failed No Child Left Behind, offers opportunities to improve public education by using educator input, ideas and expertise.