Teachers endorse Cordray as champion for public education, public services Ohioans need for a stronger future

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Brown endorsed for re-election to U.S. Senate

Clyde, Dettelbach, Richardson, Space earn endorsements for statewide posts

The Ohio Federation of Teachers endorsed Richard Cordray for governor as the candidate who will forge a stronger future for Ohioans. Cordray earned the endorsement for his ardent support for the public education and  public services citizens need to get ahead.

OFT concurred with the endorsement of the American Federation of Teachers that Sherrod Brown should be re-elected to the U.S. Senate. Brown has been a tireless advocate for public education, public services and workers' rights.

OFT also endorsed:

  • Kathleen Clyde for secretary of state
  • Steve Dettelbach for attorney general
  • Rob Richardson for treasurer
  • Zack Space for auditor

In state House and Senate races, OFT endorsed:

  • Sandra Williams for state Senate District 21
  • Nickie Antonio for state Senate District 23
  • Kenny Yuko for state Senate District 25
  • Steve Holecko for House District 14
  • Mike Skindell for House District 13
  • Lisa Sobecki for House District 45

All five statewide candidates - Cordray, Clyde, Dettelbach, Richardson and Space - appeared at the OFT Convention in February to address more than 200 educators and public workers.

"Rich Cordray is incredibly smart, thoughtful and committed to raising up Ohioans so that we all can enjoy a stronger future for ourselves and our families," said OFT President Melissa Cropper. "Cordray has dedicated himself to improving the lives of others. We strongly support him for governor."

For the last five years, Cordray served as the first-ever director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, where he led an agency that was launched in the aftermath of the nation’s financial crisis, dedicated to defending families against Wall Street and corporate abuse. Under Cordray’s leadership, the CFPB brought actions against some of the nation’s largest financial institutions – forcing them to pay nearly $12 billion to more than 30 million Americans who were cheated or mistreated.

Before serving our country at the Consumer Bureau, Cordray defended Ohioans as Attorney General. He worked to hold Wall Street accountable by recovering more than $2 billion for Ohio’s public teachers and retirees who were victims of fraud and financial predators.

To ensure that Ohio has a strong team of leadership, OFT endorsed Kathleen Clyde for secretary of state, Ste

ve Dettelbach for attorney general, Rob Richardson for treasurer and Zack Space for auditor.

"It is important for voters to understand the great impact the people who hold these offices have on the lives of regular people. They must be our champions and protectors by instituting programs and policies that help us build strong futures for our families," Cropper said.

In speaking to delegates during the OFT Convention, Clyde emphasized her strong advocacy for voting rights and her fight to stop efforts that would limit voting. Dettelbach highlighted the need to reinvest in public education as the great equalizer. Richardson focused on restoring accountability to the office of treasurer as well as the need for our government to fully embrace public education by providing necessary resources. Space emphasized that lawmakers must hold charter schools accountable and not let them game the system as in the case of ECOT.

"These candidates will support those things we know will bring opportunities to people who work hard," Cropper said. "We look forward to a better future for the children we serve when Cordray, Clyde, Dettelbach, Richardson and Space are elected."

OFT endorsed passage of the statewide ballot issue on redistricting - Yes on Issue 1.

The state legislature passed a resolution to put on the May ballot a new redistricting plan that will create fairer congressional district boundaries. The resolution was supported by the NAACP, Fair Districts Ohio, the Ohio Democratic Party and several other community groups.