Teachers Respond to Legislative School Funding Hearings

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Statement by Ohio Federation of Teachers President Melissa Cropper

Today's Legislative hearings on school funding casts a cloud over Ohio students and our public schools. At the invitation of legislators, spokespeople from the conservative education reform movement who ardently support alternatives to traditional public schools informed members of the House and Senate Finance Committees on their view of school funding. They included a representative of Michele Rhee's StudentsFirst, a lobbying group that pushes for the expansion of school choice and privatization through charter schools and vouchers.

As a longtime classroom teacher here in Ohio, I know that each day and each school year adds to the experiences that made me a more skilled teacher for my students. Ohio's public school teachers and students are making great strides to improve through the use of technology and innovation, but reduced funding jeopardizes the successes that have already been achieved and is a barrier to other future accomplishments.

Our public schools are a key fiber in the fabric of Ohio neighborhoods. Our schools need adequate resources to help each and every student - regardless of where they live - achieve to their full potential. Our schools need a system of accountability that focuses on meeting the varied needs of each student. Innovation, creativity, collaboration and passion are critical to the success of our schools and our students.

The Ohio Federation of Teachers urges legislators and the governor to orchestrate a similar session with experts on successful school reforms that support public education rather than dismantle it, as well as with some of the thousands of highly talented and successful educators here in Ohio's public schools. Strengthening our public schools creates stronger communities and makes Ohio a better place for our families.


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