Update from the Summit Academy Parma Bargaining Committee

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Contact: Neil Bhaerman, Communications Director for Ohio Federation of Teachers
(412)266-4899; nbhaerman@oft-aft.org
Update from the Summit Academy Parma Bargaining Committee
Parma, OH — The bargaining committee at Summit Academy Parma released the following statement:
Yesterday, we met with Summit Academy Management (SAM) to negotiate an end to our strike so we can return to our students. SAM continued their pattern of bad-faith bargaining by moving backward and offering us a contract that was significantly worse than their pre-strike offer. It is clear that their intent is not to negotiate a contract, but rather to obstruct, delay, and try to break our union. We remain on strike and committed to reaching a contract that provides the resources our students deserve.
Later today, when SAM has their board meeting in Akron, a small group of teachers and parents will attempt to join them and speak about the need for a fair contract. We hope they’ll allow us in and listen, but we expect that we’ll be turned away. They won’t even confirm what time the meeting is.
Thank you to all the parents, students, and community members who have been joining us on the picket line and showing their support. Together, we will make sure our students are seen and recognized as more than just revenue. 
Please contact us for further details or to speak to a teacher spokesperson. 
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