New OFT Partnership to Diversify Teaching Profession

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OFT is committed to bringing more people of color into the teaching profession and that’s why we’re proud to announce a new partnership with Central State University and Eastern Gateway Community College.

This new partnership creates two amazing opportunities for current educators and future educators.

  • Current educators are needed to serve as mentors. This is a paid position.

  • People of color who are prospective teachers are eligible to earn a teaching license with no out-of-pocket cost.

Read below about both of these amazing opportunities and share this information with qualified applicants who you think would be interested, including students graduating this year or paraprofessionals, support staff, or other adults who desire to become teachers.

You can also download fliers for complete info on the scholarships for future teachers and mentor opportunities for current teachers.

Mentor Opportunities for Teachers

We want to help you become an Ohio change leader for the next generation. Pathway Mentors will work with students in the Pathway Program at Central State University and Eastern Gateway Community College to:

  • Provide guidance as a trusted role model

  • Assist students towards a meaningful experience in their education licensure program

  • Provide career mentorship towards their career

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Work closely with no more than five students as they proceed through the program. Conduct regular meetings with students.

  • Speak with students via telephone, email, or texting. Assist students in the enrollment process.

  • Assist students in the course selection process.

  • Follow-up with students as they proceed through their coursework.

  • Identify support systems within Central State University and Eastern Gateway Community College for students who encounter struggles.

  • Provide insight to students as they prepare for student teaching and the licensure process.

  • Participate in a weekly Zoom with other Mentors from the program, hosted by Central State University and Eastern Gateway Community College.

  • Complete the Pathways Mentor Bi-Weekly Report in order to track activities, identify any issues with mentees, and submit hours and expenses for payment.

Mentor Compensation

  • Pathway Mentors will receive an honorarium of $1,000 upon successful completion of the Pathways Mentor Training Program.

  • Pathway Mentors can then work up to 10 hours per week (no more than 20 hours per pay period) at a rate of $25.00/hour.

Mentor Training Program

  • TRAINING 1: The basics of the Pathways Program: What it means to be a mentor/what to expect

  • TRAINING 2: Enrollment Management Process

  • TRAINING 3: Central State University and Eastern Gateway Community College academic programs (online, etc.) and support services (tutoring, TEAP-C, Student Teaching, Licensure, Career Services)

Apply to be an Educator Pathways Mentor Application here.

For more information about becoming a mentor, please contact Deb Tully at

Free College for Future Educators — Scholarship Opportunities for People of Color

About the Scholarships

  • Scholarships cover the cost of tuition, fees, and books, which means no cost to the student.

  • Mentorship program to guide students.

  • Tutoring and other support services are available.

  • Specialized programs for learners at all levels.

  • In partnership with Central State University, Eastern Gateway Community College, and The Student Resource Center.

Program Partnerships

The scholarship program is offered in partnership with the Ohio Federation of Teachers, the Ohio Education Association, Central State University, Eastern Gateway Community College, and the Student Resource Center Foundation.

Program Goal

The goal of the scholarship program is to encourage more people of color, no matter their age or current occupation, to pursue a career in teaching in Ohio schools.

Program Resources

This is a last-dollar scholarship that covers all direct-education tuition, fees, and books for the program. It is designed as an academic pathway that can accommodate working adults, no matter their age or their current employment status. Mentors will be assigned to participating students, and tutoring is available.

Scholarship Criteria

  • For people of color enrolling in the fully online Teacher Education programs at Eastern Gateway Community College and Central State University. This scholarship does not currently apply to students who are attending in person classes at either school.

  • No minimum GPA to participate. (GPA requirement is for CSU admissions, but students can begin at EGCC if they do not meet CSU admissions requirements.)

  • Students must be Ohio residents but do not have to be US citizens.

Apply here. If you have questions, you can contact