Winning 2020 for education? There's an app for that!

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In partnership with AFTVotes and Outreach Circle, we have developed an action and information center for all your election needs, right on your phone! It has up-to-the-minute voting information, volunteer opportunities, public advocate training, candidate endorsements, and more. All free to OFT members!

Simply sign up to join the OFT circle by clicking "view actions" and creating an account, and then download the AFTVotes app and log in using your newly-created account. If you already have the AFTVotes app, click on "explore" in the bottom menu, and scroll down to the Ohio Federation of Teachers circle. Again, click "view actions" to join!

When you open up the AFTVotes app, you and your coworkers will see simple actions you can take to help elect pro-education candidates up and down the ballot. Things like registering to vote, sharing info on your social media, and talking to your friends and family about this election can all make a big difference on November 3rd.
Sign up or log in at this link, download the AFTVotes app, and log in on the app to see both OFT and AFT Actions! We'll be doing a lot of work from this app after Election Day as well, so download now and ask your colleagues to do the same!