OFT Votes: Endorsed Candidates & Voting Information for the 2020 Election

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President of the United States
  • Joe Biden

We are simultaneously confronting three crises that threaten our future as a nation: the ongoing fight to overcome a public health pandemic, an economic recession and systemic racial injustice. We need proven leaders who will inspire solutions, not conflict. Those leaders are former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris.

AFT endorsed Joe Biden because his administration will:
  • Triple Title I funding and fully fund IDEA.
  • Use Title I funding to ensure educators are receiving competitive salaries and benefits
  • Double the number of psychologists, guidance counselors, nurses, social workers, and other health professionals in our schools.
  • Ban for-profit charters and increase accountability and transparency for current charters.
  • Oppose diverting public funds for private school voucher programs.
  • Provide universal pre-K and provide funding for a living wage for early childhood educators.
  • Provide debt-free community college or other high-quality training programs.
  • Improve the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program to offer $10,000 of student debt relief for every year of public service, up to five years.
Between the ECOT scandal and the rapid escalation of private school vouchers that have drained school district budgets, we’ve seen what Betsy DeVos and Donald Trump’s agenda of defunding and privatizing education looks like in reality. We can’t afford four more years of an administration that is hostile to public school students, educators, and staff.

In contrast, Joe Biden has pledged to run a “teacher-oriented Department of Education, and it’s not going to come from the top down — it’s going to come from the teachers up.”

Ohio Supreme Court

  • Jennifer Brunner
  • John O'Donnell
We endorsed Jennifer Brunner and John O'Donnell for the Ohio Supreme Court because they will work to protect our rights, including our rights for a fair election and constitutionally-funded public schools, and will not place profits over people when deciding a case. They’ll also ensure that redistricting following the 2020 census is done fairly because we deserve a system where voters should choose our representatives rather than letting our representatives choose their voters.

Ohio Legislature

We endorsed candidates for the Ohio legislature who have demonstrated their support for public education, higher education, and children services either in their experience as an elected official or in our detailed candidate questionnaire.

Ohio Senate

SD-02 Joel O’Dorisio SD-18 Betsy Rader
SD-04 Kathy Wyenandt SD-22 Ryan Hunter 
SD-06 Mark Fogel SD-24 Tom Jackson
SD-08 Louis Blessing SD-26 Craig Swartz
SD-10 Charles Ballard SD-28 Vernon Sykes
SD-14 Ryan Ottney SD-30 Michael Fletcher
SD-16 Crystal Lett SD-32 Sean O’Brien

Ohio House of Representatives


HD-01 Alison Theiss HD-45 Lisa Sobecki
HD-06 Phil Robinson HD-46 Michael Sheehy
HD-07 Joan Sweeny HD-47 Nancy Larson
HD-08 Kent Smith HD-49 Thomas West 
HD-09 Janine Boyd  HD-53 Michelle Novak
HD-11 Stephanie Howse  HD-54 Morgan Showen
HD-13 Mike Skindell  HD-55 Gayle Manning
HD-14 Bride Sweeney  HD-56 Joe Miller
HD-15 Jeffrey Crossman  HD-57 Dara Adkison
HD-16 Monique Smith  HD-58 Michelle Lepore-Hagan
HD-17 Adam Miller  HD-59 Chris Stanley
HD-18 Kristin Boggs  HD-60 Dan Troy
HD-19 Mary Lightbody  HD-61 Adam Dudziak
HD-20 Rich Brown  HD-62 Erin Rosiello
HD-21 Beth Liston HD-63 Gil Blair 
HD-22 David Leland HD-64 Michael O’Brien
HD-23 Nancy Day-Achauer HD-65 Alan Darnowsky
HD-24 Allison Russo HD-67 Rachael Morocco
HD-25 Dontavius Jarrells HD-69 Donna Beheydt
HD-26 Erica Crawley HD-73 Kim McCarthy
HD-27 Sara Bitter HD-75 Randi Clites
HD-28 Jessica Miranda HD-76 Garrett Westhoven
HD-31 Brigid Kelly  HD-77 Melissa Wilde 
HD-32 Cathy Ingram  HD-78 Charlotte Owens
HD-34 Emilia Sykes  HD-79 Cynthia Richards
HD-36 Matthew Shaunghessy    HD-80 Ted Jones
HD-37 Casey Weinstein  HD-86 Tiffanie Roberts 
HD-39 Willis Blackshear  HD-88 Chris Liebold
HD-40 Leronda Jackson  HD-89 Alexis Miller
HD-41 Cate Berger  HD-92 Beth Workman
HD-43 Amy Cox HD-95 Don Jones
HD-44 Paula Hicks-Hudson HD-99 Richard Dana

U.S. Congress

  • OH-01 Kate Schroder
  • OH-03 Joyce Beatty
  • OH-09 Marcy Kaptur
  • OH-10 Desiree Tims
  • OH-11 Marcia Fudge
  • OH-12 Alaina Shearer
  • OH-13 Tim Ryan
  • OH-16 Aaron P. Godfrey 

Ohio Board of Education

You can find your Ohio Board of Education district here

  • District 5 Christina Collins 
  • District 6 Antoinette Miranda
  • District 9 Michelle Newman
  • District 10 Mary Binegar
  • District 11 Meryl Johnson

Local Union Endorsements

In addition to the statewide endorsements listed above, local unions have endorsed the following candidates and school levies. 

Cincinnati Federation of Teachers

Cincinnati Public Schools Levy

  • Vote YES on Issue #17 (Levy renewal, will not raise taxes.)

U.S. Congress: 

  • OH-02 Jamie Castle

Ohio House of Representatives

  • HD 33 Sedrick Denson
Ohio Court of Appeals – 1st District
  • Ginger Bock
Hamilton County Offices
  • Commissioner: Alicia Reece
  • Commissioner: Denise Driehaus
  • Prosecutor: Fanon Rucker
  • Clerk of Courts: Aftab Pureval
  • Sheriff: Charmaine McGuffey
  • Recorder: Scott Crowley
  • Treasurer: Jill Schiller
  • Coroner: Lakshmi Kode Sammarco
Hamilton County Judicial 
  • Court of Common Pleas: Heidi Rosales
  • Court of Common Pleas: Christian Jenkins
  • Court of Common Pleas: Chris Wagner
  • Court of Common Pleas: Jennifer Branch
  • Court of Common Pleas: Alan C. Triggs
  • Court of Common Pleas: Thomas Beridon
  • Court of Common Pleas: Wende Cross
  • Court of Common Pleas: Alison Hathway
  • Court of Common Pleas – Drug Court: Nicole Sanders
  • Court of Common Pleas – Probate Court: Pavan Parikh
  • Court of Common Pleas – Juvenile division: Kari Bloom
  • Court of Common Pleas – Domestic Relations: Anne B. Flottman
Cleveland Teachers Union

Cleveland Metropolitan School District (Renewal and increase)

  • Vote yes!

Toledo Federation of Teachers

Toledo City Council

  • Katie Moline
Lucas County Commissioner
  • Pete Gerken
  • Tina Skeldon Wozniak
Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas
  • Bernie Quilter

Sixth District Court of Appeals

  • Myron Duhart
  • Tom Osowik
Lucas County Offices
  • Engineer: Mike Pniewski
  • Prosecuting Attorney: Julia Bates
  • Recorder: Phil Copeland
  • Treasurer: Lindsay Webb
Lucas County Judicial 
  • Court of Common Pleas: Ian English
  • Court of Common Pleas: Lori Olender
  • Court of Common Pleas (Probate): Jack Puffenberger
  • Court of Common Pleas (Juvenile): Denise Navarre Cubbon
Here is some important info to make sure that your vote is counted this year: