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OTES 2.0 Presentation from OFT, OEA and ODE

We recently co-hosted a webinar, along with Ohio Education Association and Ohio Department of Education, to provide training designed to help teachers understand the changes to evaluation when OTES (Ohio Teacher Evaluation System) 2.0 is implemented.
We're making this recording, and associated materials, available here and on our website. If you are an OFT member and you have questions about OTES 2.0, please email us at

First Book Grants for OFT Members

Ohio Federation of Teachers is proud to partner with First Book to provide our members with an opportunity for free books to advance your education initiatives.

Resources to address gun violence, shootings

Gun violence and the persistent recurrence of shootings in our schools and communities highlight the need to deal with this issue in a productive way with the children we serve. See a list of resources.