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House Bills Targeting School Curriculum Are a Dishonest Attack on Public Schools

"HB 322 and HB 327 are bills that were written to address a non-existent problem that was ginned up by the same bad actors who have been trying to privatize public education for decades. If these bills were to pass, they have the potential to prohibit or dissuade educators from covering important topics that are essential for students to learn our past, understand our present, and build our future."

Governor DeWine Misses Opportunity to Take Action on School Funding

OFT President Melissa Cropper released the following statement in response to Governor DeWine’s budget proposal for FY 2022-2023: "We're disappointed that Governor DeWine chose to punt on the opportunity to fix our broken and unconstitutional school funding system rather than using last year's Fair School Funding Plan, which passed the Ohio House with an overwhelming bipartisan majority, as a framework. 

Miguel Cardona’s Cabinet Nomination Will Move Ohio Schools Forward

Connecticut Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona is expected to be nominated as Secretary of Education for the Biden Administration, fulfilling the President-Elect’s campaign pledge to name a former educator to the position. Cardona was an AFT member, educator, and administratrator in Meriden, Connecticut before becoming Connecticut’s Education Commissioner.
OFT President Melissa Cropper released the following statement in response: “Ohio Federation of Teachers congratulates Miguel Cardona on his nomination to be the next Secretary of Education. His insight and experience as an educator will be invaluable in shaping a Department of Education that can meet the growing needs of our students."

Ohio Federation of Teachers Urges Senate Passage of the Fair School Funding Plan

COLUMBUS, OH — Following the Ohio House of Representatives' passage of HB 305, Ohio Federation of Teachers President Melissa Cropper released the following statement: “Ohio’s public schools have gone decades without a constitutional school funding formula and are currently operating with no funding formula at all. That is too long for us to fail to meet our obligations to the 90% of Ohio children who attend our public schools."

CHUH Schools Plan to Use Questionable Third-Party Vendors and to Stop Special Education During Strike

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH — Members of the Cleveland Heights Teachers Union (CHTU) are highlighting deficiencies with the Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District’s plan to provide education to students when teachers, counselors, social workers, nurses and other education professionals begin their strike on Wednesday, December 2. The union published a summary of their concerns on their website today

CHUH School District Moves to Strip Healthcare from Striking Teachers

Nov. 27, 2020
CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH —The Board of Education for Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District (CH-UH) voted earlier this week to strip healthcare from teachers, counselors, nurses, and other school support professionals immediately when they begin their strike on Dec. 2. 
The teachers, members of Cleveland Heights Teachers Union (CHTU), filed a 10 day notice last week for a strike to begin on Wednesday, December 2, if a fair contract settlement isn’t reached. This decision follows months of bargaining sessions and a strike authorization vote that passed with a 97.5% majority of members. 

Cleveland Heights Teachers Union Files Strike Notice

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH — Cleveland Heights Teachers Union (CHTU), which represents 500 teachers, counselors, nurses, and other school support professionals, filed a ten day notice to strike, beginning on December 2, 2020. The strike notice follows months of bargaining sessions with the Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District and a membership vote in October, with an overwhelming majority in favor of striking if a fair contract was not reached. 
“We’re fighting for a fair contract because we know that the alternative -- lowering standards for teachers and staff -- will increase turnover and drive experienced, skilled educators out of our school district,” said CHTU President Karen Rego.

OFT President Cropper's Statement on SB 376, the Fair School Funding Plan Bill

"“Every student in Ohio deserves high quality, adequately-funded public schools in their communities. This is a guarantee in our state constitution that we have failed to meet for decades. We’ve even moved further in the wrong direction, with deductions for private school vouchers draining public school budgets in districts across Ohio."